Tile Care Guide

Follow our tile care and maintenance guide to keep your floors looking fantastic for years to come.

Daily Tile Care & Maintenance

Tile floors are durable and won't require much work to look great as time passes. With that said, your tile will need some basic upkeep occasionally. By following our Specialty Flooring tile care guide, you can guarantee a long and fruitful life for your tile floors. 

Broom sweep your tile daily to ensure that dirt and other debris are not present on the flooring. Dirt can lead to premature aging of the tile and shoddy-looking grouting as well. You may also damp-mop your tile floors for a deeper cleaning as needed. Always aim for a damp mop instead of a wet one. Even for tough flooring like tile, too much water is never a good thing. 

Shoe removal and entry mats are other small, but helpful ways to keep your tile floors looking great. 

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Dealing With Tile Spills & Stains

Tile is a durable, beautiful flooring. Your tile floors won't require much in the way of maintenance to continue to look great. However, it is important that you work to address spills and solid messes as they occur. 

Use a broom to sweep up solid messes as they occur. For liquid messes, obtain a cloth and absorb the mess immediately. When in doubt, consult your manufacturer on how to handle tile spills. 

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Follow our tile care guide to keep your tile floors looking their best for the foreseeable future. 

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