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Professional Tile Installation In Beaufort, Bluffton, & Hilton Head, SC

At Specialty Flooring, we're proud to provide our local communities with stellar installation services. When you work with us, trust that you're working with the absolute best. We'll guide you through the entirety of the installation process, from initial interest all the way to the final walkthrough.

We invite you to take the time to learn more about what to expect before, during, and after your tile installation with us below.

Before Tile Installation:

Prior to your tile installation with Specialty Flooring, you should expect the following:

  • Our team will walk you through our installation process, answering whatever questions you might have.
  • Waste management and a job completion timetable will be discussed.
  • You should ensure that children and pets are not present on installation day.
  • If you have painting work that needs to be completed, you should do it before installation.
  • Ensure that an adult is present on installation day.
  • Remove all furniture and valuables from the installation job site.

During Tile Installation:

During your tile installation with Specialty Flooring, you can expect the following:

  • The job site will need to be prepared. 
  • The tile installation process will involve your crew mixing the mortar and applying it to the floor using a trowel.
  • From there, the tile will be laid down on the mortar. The crew will work to ensure that no gaps exist and that things look tidy.
  • The team will use spacers to ensure the proper placement of the individual tiles, finishing with the edges of your floors.
  • Then we will continue with grouting, sealing, and cleanup. 

After Tile Installation:

Once your tile installation with Specialty Flooring is completed, expect the following:

  • Your crew will walk you through the installation. This is a good time to ask any questions that you might have.
  • You should run a fan to remove any installation smells.
  • Please allow the new tile flooring to settle before walking across it.
  • Contact us as needed with questions or comments.

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